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Fixing hostname, DNS and logging-in issues on Mac OS X

Hardwiring hostname

  1. On the host, enter the hostname of the computer in the /etc/hostconfig file. For example: HOSTNAME=it1-04.farleighschool.local
  2. Reset the hostname using the scutil command. For example: scutil --set it1-04.farleighschool.local
  3. To get a new DHCP address, go to System Preferences on the system, click on Network, remove the Ethernet connection using the - button and then click Apply, then click the + button and add the Ethernet connection back in. This will force the computer to do a full DHCP release and refresh.
  4. Reboot.
  5. Test you can do forward and reverse lookups on the computer's hostname.

Problems related to Macs and "dot local" TLDs.

(These problems will lead to slow login times on network accounts)

  1. In /Library/Preferences edit the file. Under the [libdefaults] section, add the following line:
    dns_fallback = no
    Doing this removes the need to add kerberos SRV records to DNS.
  2. Add a spoof IPv6 (AAAA) record to your DNS server for your Mac OS X server (the server hosting your AD or OD).
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