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How to set up a basic RAID array with one of two HDDs on an x3550 M3/M4

  1. Power on
  2. Wait for BIOS procedure to go through. You will see UEFI PXE PciRoot(0x)/Pci(0x1,0x0)/MAC(xxxxxxxxxxxx,0x0) once for each network card. Wait for this to complete. Next is "Please wait for legacy USB" and soon there will be a prompt "Press Ctrl-H for WebBIOS". Press Ctrl-H at this point to enter the RAID configuration
  3. Click 'Start'
  4. On the right you will see Slot:0,SAS,HDD,68.366GB,JBOD. Click on this (Alt-H, cursor down, Space)
  5. Select 'Make Unconf Good' (Alt-U, Space)
  6. Click 'Go' (Alt-G, Space)
  7. Click 'Home' (Alt-H, Space)
  8. Repeat for any other discs
  9. Click 'Configuration Wizard' (Alt-O, Space)
  10. Select 'New Configuration' (Alt-E, Space)
  11. Click 'Next' (Alt-N, Space)
  12. Click 'Yes' (Alt-Y, Space)
  13. Select 'Automatic Configuration' (Alt-A, Space)
  14. If just one disc, choose 'No Redundancy' from the drop-down menu. If two discs, choose 'Redundancy if possible'. (Alt-R, cursors, Return)
  15. Click 'Next' (Alt-N, Space)
  16. Click 'Accept' (Alt-A, Space)
  17. Click 'Yes' (Alt-Y, Space)
  18. Click 'Yes' (Alt-Y, Space)
  19. Wait for initialisation to complete (few seconds)
  20. Select 'Set Boot Drive (current=NONE)' (Alt-T, Space)
  21. Click 'Go' (Alt-G, Space)
  22. Click 'Home' (Alt-H, Space)
  23. Click 'Exit' (Alt-X, Space)
  24. Click 'Yes' (Alt-Y, Space)
  25. Ctrl-Alt-Del
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