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Expanding virtual drive on ServeRAID M5210

  1. Boot machine, press F1 to enter setup
  2. Pick System Settings
  3. Pick Storage
  4. Pick relevant RAID card
  5. Pick Main Menu
  6. Pick Drive Management
  7. Check new drives are listed with status Unconfigured Good. Press Escape to return to main menu
  8. Pick Virtual Drive Management
  9. Pick relevant virtual drive
  10. Under Operation menu, pick Reconfigure Virtual Drives
  11. Pick Go
  12. Pick Choose the Operation
  13. Check operation is set to Add Drives
  14. Go down to the drives, you want to add and press Space alongside each to check each both, or use Check All:
                                             Select Drives
      To migrate from current Raid Level to New Raid Level, you can
      either Add the drives or Remove the drives.
      Choose the operation you want    <Add Drives>
      to perform
    > Apply Changes
      Select Media Type                <HDD>
      Select Interface Type            <Both>
      Local Sector Size                <Both>
      Drive Port 4 - 7:01:04: HDD,     [ ]
      SATA, 3.637TB, Unconfigured
      Good, (512B)
      Drive Port 5 - 7:01:05: HDD,     [ ]
      SATA, 3.637TB, Unconfigured
      Good, (512B)
      Check All
      Uncheck All
    > Apply Changes
  15. Pick Apply Changes
  16. You will be asked for confirm you want to continue because data will be lost on those drives. Go down to the Confirm [ ] box and press Space to put an X in it.
  17. Pick Yes
  18. It will say the operation was successful, pick OK
  19. The expansion has not yet actually started, so pick Start Operation
  20. It will say the operation has been started, pick OK
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