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IBM ServeRAID management software


  1. Visit the Downloads section of the IBM support portal
  2. If you have not visited the site before, follow these steps:
    1. A popup window entitled IBM Support Portal Quick Start will appear
    2. Click on the Sign in link and enter your email address and password. If you have not got an IBM account, click on the register now link
    3. After logging in, you will go back to the IBM Support Portal Quick Start popup. If you don't see that you can click on the Go to quick start link on the left-hand side of the page near the top
    4. In section 1 (Choose your products) of the IBM Support Portal Quick Start popup, type in your server model (i.e. x3550 or x3650) and click the search button (magnifying glass).
    5. The matched models will be listed. Tick the box alongside the correct model
    6. Ensure Downloads is selected in section 2 (Choose your page)
    7. Click Continue
    8. You will see your product added to the Downloads and fixes section of the webpage. You may add other any other IBM products to the list using the Search support and downloads box at the right-hand side
  3. Click on View x3650 downloads (or similar)
  4. You will see a Select product section; pick Operating system independent/None from the Operating system section and click Continue
  5. Wait for a while and then all downloads will be displayed
  6. Click on ServeRAID
  7. Look for IBM ServeRAID Support CD - IBM BladeCenter and System x. The filename will be something like ibm_sw_srsupp_9.30_anyos_32-64.iso (it contains srsupp). You do NOT want the IBM ServeRAID Application CD (filename contains srapp)
  8. Click on required software name. You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions
  9. After clicking on I agree, relevant files will be displayed including the software itself (.iso file) as well as documentation and licence information.
  10. Click on the iso file link to begin the download, e.g. ibm_sw_srsupp_9.30_anyos_32-64.iso (512.5MB)
  11. Write the downloaded ISO image to a blank CD-R

In future, you will not need to search for your products as they will be tied into your IBM account.


  1. Insert the CD and switch on the server
  2. During the BIOS startup, press F12 to pick a boot device
  3. When prompted, pick the CD/DVD drive
  4. Wait for ServeRAID to boot up
  5. The current firmware version will be checked. If it needs upgrading, you will be asked to confirm you wish to proceed. After upgrading, the server will reboot, so choose to boot from CD again
  6. Once the firmware is up-to-date, you will be presented with a window with two main panels. In the left, you can pick your controller.
  7. Your physical and logical drives will be shown in the right-hand panel along with their current status
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