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Configuring a NetManager for use with a NetManager Backup server

Configuring a NetManager to be backed up by a NetManager Backup server is very simple. Create /etc/netmanager/rsync.conf with the following contents:

# This is a space-separated list of items in the following format:
# <path to be backed up>
# You can include a number of special items:
# %MAIL = Email inboxes
# %USERS = User home areas
# %SETTINGS = NetManager settings
# %MYSQL = MySQL databases dumped as SQL
# %CALENDARS = Shared calendars
# %sharename = Samba share called 'sharename'
# Default: backup="%MAIL %USERS %SETTINGS"


Then run /usr/libexec/build/rsyncd from the command line.

After configuring the NetManager, you should add it to the list of servers to be backed up on the Backup server as described here.

N.B. The same configuration file is used for configuring off-site backup from a NetManager.

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