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Using UniFi demo equipment

Prerequisite checks before requesting demo

Check that you can access without a proxy set in your browser. You should see a page headed with HTTP Status 404 - /test. If you do not, then the access point will not be able to speak to our cloud services. For full details, click here.

Installing demo equipment

  1. Unpack box carefully and locate the following:
    • Access point (remove mounting panel on underside to reveal the network sockets)
    • Power injector
    • Power lead
  2. Find 2 network leads
  3. Connect the socket labelled POE on the power injector to the socket on the access point that says MAIN or MAIN/48V (grey lead in photo)
  4. Connect the socket labelled LAN on the power injector to your network (blue lead in photo)
  5. Connect the power lead to the power injector and plug into mains
  6. Wait for access point to boot up. It should show a blue light around its central section

Using demo equipment

  • SSID is ptldemo
  • WPA passphrase is s3curewifi
  • To access the management system visit in your browser (should be Flash-enabled if possible). Username is demo. Password will be emailed to you on request
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