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Why use NetManager mail/calendar?

Mail features:

  • Flexible, nested delivery groups and redirections
  • No limit to number of mail folders or users (and no per-user cost)
  • Auto-sorting of inbound mail into folders
  • User-configurable vacation messages
  • Mailbox content searching
  • Efficient backup/restore down to the individual message
  • To send to local users you only need their username entered as the address
  • Shareable mail folders
  • Public folders
  • Dynamically created virtual mailboxes based on any search criteria (e.g. all unread mails containing certain word less than 40 days old)
  • Supports real-time 2-way replication to a backup server. This could even be held off-site allowing access to your mails even when your Internet connection is down (e.g. during a powercut)

Calendar features:

  • Unlimited per-user calendars shared read-write or read-only with other users
  • Unlimited non-user calendars (such as rooms or minibuses) shared read-write or read-only with other users


  • Configurable content filtering in and out (with per-group designated redirection)
  • Adaptable spam filtering and grey-listing
  • Virus scanning and quarantining
  • Ability to be able to block sending to internal or external users


  • Two webmail clients; one for younger pupils and one more feature-rich for older users
  • Web-based calendar client
  • Supports all standard mail (IMAP/SMTP) and calendar (CalDAV) clients including Thunderbird/Lightning, Outlook, OS X Mail, OS X iCal, iOS Mail/calendar, Android mail/calendar). Use your favourite and familiar clients from anywhere
  • All mail features available to all clients. For example, if you choose to access your mail on your iPad and Outlook, all shared mailboxes and calendars are available on all.
  • Access from anywhere using your own secure certificates, even from your mobile devices
  • Supports autodiscover (Outlook) and autoconfig (Thunderbird and others) for email account automatic configuration
  • Does NOT require granting any administrative rights over your devices to the server. By comparison, Office 365 and Exchange require you to give the mail server permission to do things like "Erase all data" and "Disable applications" (Info).
  • Supports single-sign on with Outlook and Thunderbird. Office 365 (even with Federated Identity mode) does not (as documented by Microsoft).


  • Mail quotas on a per-user and per-group basis
  • Searchable logs of exactly what has been going on
  • Integrated with Active Directory (i.e. not maintaining two lists of users)
  • Does NOT require any changes to be made to Active Directory schema
  • Uses your Active Directory or Open Directory password for authentication
  • Mailboxes accounts automatically created as soon as a user is created
  • Internal email sent immediately with no bandwidth issues
  • Mail stored as raw messages, not in a closed binary format that could be corrupted.
  • Requires very low system resources (RAM, CPU)
  • Does not require knowledge of Powershell


  • Outlook is unable to speak to standard calendar servers, however plugins are readily available
  • Some features require a one-off automated data migration on NetManagers already hosting email to switch to new data storage formats

In addition, NetManager offers you:

  • web-based file access to your local resources from any browser
  • Intranet including polls, bulletins, learning gateway
  • Detailed web-filtering (including optional content filtering)
  • VPN remote access
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