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Subscription Advantage

Most Citrix products use the subscription advantage scheme. This is an optional annual renewal that, while maintained, allows you to upgrade to newer software versions for no extra cost. Separate upgrade licences are not available for Citrix products, so subscription advantage and re-purchase are the only methods of upgrading to new releases.

Costs are around 1/7 of the new licence costs, so it is generally good financial sense to maintain subscription as new versions come out around every 12 months on average.

If your subscription advantage has lapsed, we can renew it for you. You must renew for a minimum of 12 months. If it has lapsed for less than 12 months, you pay a small extra reinstatement fee, plus a pro-rata fee for the subscription itself (i.e. if it lapsed 3 months ago, you will need to renew for 15 months). Because of the pro-rata fee, you will never save money by letting it lapse and renewing later. If it lapsed over 12 months ago, then a much higher recovery fee will be charged. Please contact Precedence for quotes.

If your subscription advantage has lapsed, you may still continue to use the older versions of the software. More specifically, new software has an associated subscription advantage date and you may use any software whose date is before your subscription lapsed.

A full listing of products and their subscription advantage dates can be found on the Citrix knowledge base here.

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