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Citrix Licencing



Minimum Order Quantities

Below we have listed some of the more popular Citrix licences with their points value and minimum order quantities to reach 20 points (if being ordered on their own):

LicenceModelPoints ValueMinimum Order Quantity
XenApp Advanced EditionConcurrent3.56
XenApp Enterprise EditionConcurrent4.55
XenApp Platinum EditionConcurrent64
XenDesktop VDI EditionUser/Device0.9521
XenDesktop VDI EditionConcurrent1.9511
XenDesktop App EditionUser/Device210
XenDesktop App EditionConcurrent4.55
XenDesktop Enterprise EditionUser/Device2.259
XenDesktop Enterprise EditionConcurrent54
XenDesktop Platinum EditionUser/Device3.56
XenDesktop Platinum EditionConcurrent73
NetScaler Gateway Enterprise VPXPlatform9.953
XenMobile Enterprise EditionUser1.8511
XenMobile Enterprise EditionDevice1.4514
XenMobile MDM EditionUser0.6531
XenMobile MDM EditionDevice0.540
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