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How to assign Precedence Technologies as a Solutions Advisor to your MyCitrix account?

For a solutions advisor to be able to quote for Citrix maintenance program renewals, the advisor must be registered against your Citrix account. The following is how to assign the advisor to your account:

  1. Go to the URL in your favourite web-browser
  2. If you are a new Citrix customer, create yourself an account (there is a New Users link in the box at the left hand side of the page to do this). At this point, take a note of your account details and keep them somewhere you can locate them easily (you will need these details to access your Citrix licences). If you have previously registered an account with MyCitrix just enter the logon details into the box at the left hand side of the page and click Log In.
  3. Once your account has been created, login (if required)
  4. Select Renew and Manage Maintenance Programs
  5. Select Assign Advisor & Set View
  6. Click Add Renewal Partner
  7. Search for UK, Cambridgeshire, Precedence Technologies Ltd
  8. Now select Precedence Technologies Ltd with the + button on the right.

We will now have visibility of licences you currently own

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