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'Get Computer Information' Script

This script has been written by Precedence Staff to ensure we can ascertain the specification of your existing servers so we can make recommendations or include them within our offerings.

This ensures that hardware only gets replaced only if it needs to.

The script will not make any changes to your system or copy any data.

  1. Download the script from here
  2. Save to a USB drive
  3. Login to the server/workstation as an administrator (or run as an Administrator)
  4. Open the USB drive and double-click on the file to run it
  5. This will open Notepad with the collected details
  6. Save As with the name of the server/desktop back to the USB drive (the default will be to the temp folder)
  7. Move to the next server/desktop until you have the requested details
  8. Send an email to with the NotePad files (*.txt) only
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