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NetManager: Flexibility


The NetManager is built in a modular fashion, so it can be easily expanded. There are a number of standard modules, plus we provide fast and efficient custom development options.


The NetManager will run on a wide variety of different hardware and processor types. Generally we provide it preinstalled on a high-performance IBM server with a three-year on-site warranty, rack-mount capability and easy expandability. We can customise the specification to add RAID (drive mirroring), extra Ethernet ports, extra storage, backup devices, etc.

Custom development

As experts in Internet technologies, Precedence Technologies are ideally placed to provide bespoke development of intranet components for the NetManager. For example, projects we have recently undertaken include an on-line behaviour monitoring database for tracking and reporting on pupil behavioural problems. We have also created automated bulletin board systems and web-based to-do lists.

We can also combine web and email technologies. For example, we can offer an email tracking system for use in call centres or offices which will ensure that only one person will respond to an email sent to a shared address.

Option: Datalogging

With the datalogging option pack, the NetManager can talk to a variety of sensors (such as light, sound, pH, wind-speed). Graphs can be generated on-the-fly and viewed from any web browser.

Option: Fax services

In a bid to reduce paper, many offices are now looking at electronic methods of sending faxes. The NetManager can have fax services added to it. The fax machine is presented as just another PostScript printer meaning that client configuration is extremely simple. Received faxes can be emailed or printed.

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