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Citrix XenApp: Educational Benefits

By adopting a Citrix XenApp solution, you will benefit by:

Make the Leadership Team Happy:

  • Reduced operating expenses, as clients are centrally managed, and low ongoing maintenance costs from Citrix ensuring you are kept up-to-date without having to reinvest in software.
  • An extended life span for your workstations; keeping your school at the leading edge of technology without the need to reinvest in new PCs every three to four years.
  • Anytime Anywhere Learning through Universal Home Access without a large investment in a hosted learning platform. Your staff and students will have, at home, exactly what they get in school without additional application cost or support overheads meaning a much higher Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Peace of mind in the knowledge that Citrix technology is in use by over 100 million users worldwide, ensuring that XenApp delivers proven application compatibility.

Make the Teachers Happy:

  • A major reduction in workstation downtime; meaning full availability of resources when you need it and assured access to students when they need it.
  • Access to the school MIS from home with the same rights as if on the school network - no staying late at school to work on reports.

Make the Students Happy:

  • Reduced noise and heat of thin-client devices compared to that generated by conventional workstations and more space to work.
  • The power of Citrix meaning you can run the most demanding multi-media applications without barriers to learning.

Make the IT Team Happy:

  • Remove the need to run around the school firefighting.
  • Free up budgets meaning greater growth and scope to adopt more exciting ICT projects.
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