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Step 1

There are a couple of methods of connecting to your network with a web-browser from Windows. Citrix Web Interface provides a comprehensive, configurable interface to all your published applications and desktops. It must be used if you are using XenDesktop (Virtual Desktops). However, there is also a simple web-based interface provided directly by NetManager which is easier and quicker to use if all you need to do is to connect to your standard thin-client desktop. This guide discusses only the NetManager interface.

Firstly, you should determine the URL (a.k.a. web address) to use to access your NetManager's webpages. This may differ internally and externally. Internally, it will usually be http://netmanager/, but externally it may be something like

Next you should check that you can access the NetManager webpages, by entering the relevant address in your web-browser. This guide will discuss Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 4 and Google Chrome 10, but the information should also be useful for other/earlier web-browsers.

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