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Web design and programming

The phrase Web Design is often used. In most cases, so-called web designers will deliver a series of static pages. As a customer, you want your webpages to be up to date and easy to maintain. It should be easy to change a logo or your page layout without having to rewrite the whole site (or having to pay your web designer to maintain your site). Often unnecessary frames are used in an attempt to make site maintenance easier. It need not be this way. See example scenarios below.

Scenario: Estate agent

You have a high turnover of product. An out of date website is worse than useless. You need to be able to create your own product pages consisting of a picture, a few tick points (e.g. central heating, garage) and then text descriptions. Precedence Technologies can provide a simple mechanism allowing you to use your own web-browser to update your own website without any specialist technical knowledge. In addition, your website could automatically generate downloadable information sheets (in PDF/Acrobat format) for your potential customers. And of course, the website would be fully searchable.

Scenario: On-line shoe shop

Your products don't change that often, but you need a site that allows customers to browse as they would in a real shop. You need good search facilities (e.g. "find me a shoe in this size, in this style, for this sort of price"). The pages should not be full of large pictures (otherwise the pages would be slow to access and your potential customers might lose interest), but close up pictures at different angles should be available if customers are interested in finding out more about a particular product.

Adding a shoe-size tool (e.g. type in how long your feet are and get your shoe size back) would be a nice touch. You could even add a fun questionnaire which would recommend certain shoes.


If you want to have a shopcart on your website, you should investigate our eCommerce solutions.

If you want a dynamic site that you can easily edit yourself without any special tools or skills, please take a look at our Content Management System (CMS). The CMS can also be integrated into your existing site.

If you have exciting ideas for your website and don't want just another collection of static pages, then get in touch to discuss your requirements.
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